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Sunset Yellow Cotton Linen Hoodie Shirt: Sundown Style Meets Comfort

Embrace the golden hues of summer with the Sunset Yellow Cotton Linen Hoodie Shirt!


  • ☀️ Breathable Bliss: This shirt is crafted from a luxurious cotton linen blend, offering both cozy comfort and exceptional breathability. Stay cool and feel confident all day long, perfect for lazy afternoons or chasing sunsets.
  •  Hooded Versatility: Ditch the ordinary! This unique shirt features a stylish hood, adding a touch of casual coolness and unexpected functionality.
  • Pocket Perfection: A conveniently placed front pocket keeps your essentials close at hand, while maintaining the clean look of the shirt.
  • ✨ Unisex Style: This shirt breaks the mold! Designed to flatter all body types and styles, it lets you express your unique personality.
  • Endless Summer Vibes: Transition effortlessly from rooftop drinks to boardwalk strolls with this versatile piece. Dress it up or down – the possibilities are endless!
  • Sunset Yellow Cotton Linen Hoodie Shirt: Where comfort meets effortless summer style.

Available in one size: Chest - 50" , Length - 29"

Sunset Yellow Cotton Linen Hoodie Shirt

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₹1,750.00Sale Price
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