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Models wearing Basisk Design's 1st Collection "Daddy's"
Girls wearing Daddy's Collection by Basisk - Dresses

BASISK, a name, an emotion that binds me to you. It is indeed an journey, a tale of time, a story of existence. A frame that lets you peep into the stillness with awe. It is reflective of the thought that pleads you to stay in the present and enjoy the ‘now moment.’ It is not just a label but an experience that celebrates and cherishes the small moments of nothingness.

With the life pulling frantically forward, people are increasingly intrigued by all things slow. The flawed perfection in stillness. The joy of what is bygone yet leaves an impression so strong that has now become a part of you. A longing to express the harmony between ‘inside and outside’, of ‘then and now’ and everything in between. A story so simple that is an undeniable part of our unconscious but goes un-sung otherwise. The tender unsaid bond between a father and a daughter, an affinity that is seldom celebrated but has mammoth of strength.

Basisk establishes the notorious relation between forgotten nostalgia and the journey of its discovery. A parable of the unfinished and the wholesome aesthetic it beholds otherwise. The celebration of form, its completion and the hidden meaning it beholds. Relishing asymmetry that best defies monotony and serves the unexpected in the existing routine. 

It celebrates the beauty of the oblivion and of things which stay beyond time - neither past nor present, ain’t it timeless?

In my element essence.

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